This post should be accompanied by a picture of my oldest daughter losing 10 years off of her life from the fright we gave her on Sunday.

I still can’t believe we managed to pull it off. We had a surprise party for her 17th birthday. It was all my youngest daughter’s idea. I have to admit to massive amounts of skepticism at first, and a fear of the party animals spilling stuff all over my house and breaking things.

It’s absurd really, they are all good kids with manners and they are 17 and 18, not 3. No sippy cups are necessary.

So we lured her out with the promise of lunch at Chipotle, and her friends snuck in while we were out and set up the party. When we came back to the house I ran in with my camera at the ready and went to the kitchen island and waited for her to arrive. The kids were hiding back there with me and were as quiet as the proverbial mice. When she came in they popped up and yelled surprise. I pushed the button on my camera only to find that I had had a firm grip on the power button, not the take the picture button.


She had such a good time it did my heart good to see her. Sorry there won’t be a picture of her face, but maybe some good ones of the party.