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It seems silly in the extreme for me to remove an ice pick scar from my face at 50. But I have to say looking at the flat hole-less expanse that is now my right upper lip is pleasing to me. Very pleasing.

So no face lift for me, but no hole either. And today I saw the dentist about replacing my post and pin retention which has become fragile with a dental implant. The thought of biting solidly into an apple fills me with a sort of satisfaction I don’t often know.

Off to bed. I’m a tired girl. I’ll dream of chewing food with impunity.

I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait!!

I think I may be too excited to sleep tonight. Over sheep, and wool and goats and fiber. Silly I know, but it makes me exceedingly happy to be headed to Eugene tomorrow to the Black Sheep gathering. The best part is I made a new knitting friend at WWKIP day and so we are traveling together which makes it double the fun.

See you all at the show!

On another note entirely, the painting of the kids rooms is done (not by me!!!) It looks nice. Next it to clean the carpets, bark dust the back yard, finish cleaning up the leftover sod from the lawn installation extravaganza.

I need a cold drink and some time in a comfy chair with a good book.

Checking kids in online the day before flight – Free
Airport parking to drop kids off the next day $3.00
Snacks, drinks, breakfast, gum and incidentals for day of flight $30.00

Shoving the kids down the jetway and skipping through the concourse shouting I’m Free, I’m Free, I’m Free


Naps mid-day, no breakfast to fix, no fighting to listen to, the house stays clean, belly dance classes again (ahhh) WWKIP day with no pressure to leave early (AHHH). My knitting er um crap spread all over the kitchen island and no reason to move it.

These are just a few of my favorite things. Just call me Julie Andrews. More later. For now I’m having some power fun!

I left in less than my usual whirlwind on Friday because my Sweetie was in town and was a huge help to get all parties into the car and down the road. We had some minor traffic craziness on the way in and an issue with the dumbass rental car company – but after that it was golden.

My niece was radiant and the ceremony was short, sweet and funny. Very touching. They appear to be made for each other. The party was a blast, the hotel exquisite, and the best part was it was my family and no drama. Well no drama aside from my poor Mom and Dad looking for food that was not a)sushi b)vegetable c)heavily spiced or d)heavily sauced. I enjoyed the food immensely.

We managed pictures of all of the 5 siblings together. Something my half brother and I managed without speaking a word to each other. Why would anything change in 17 years? We also managed a picture of all 11 of the grandchildren. It was an historic moment and one I am glad I didn’t miss.

I don’t know that I have smiled and laughed that much in months. It was great to see my brother and he and my Sweetie got along sharing their IT geek stories. It made me feel so good to see everyone enjoying themselves and my sister – the mother of the bride – more than anyone. She looked gorgeous as well. I’ll try to post pictures later.

Well the mammo came back clean and so I’ll visit with the breast surgeon next week. That appointment is the day after I have a chunk cut out of my face on purpose. Add this to the list of appts including a second opinion on the dental implant.

It’s expensive getting old.

This post should be accompanied by a picture of my oldest daughter losing 10 years off of her life from the fright we gave her on Sunday.

I still can’t believe we managed to pull it off. We had a surprise party for her 17th birthday. It was all my youngest daughter’s idea. I have to admit to massive amounts of skepticism at first, and a fear of the party animals spilling stuff all over my house and breaking things.

It’s absurd really, they are all good kids with manners and they are 17 and 18, not 3. No sippy cups are necessary.

So we lured her out with the promise of lunch at Chipotle, and her friends snuck in while we were out and set up the party. When we came back to the house I ran in with my camera at the ready and went to the kitchen island and waited for her to arrive. The kids were hiding back there with me and were as quiet as the proverbial mice. When she came in they popped up and yelled surprise. I pushed the button on my camera only to find that I had had a firm grip on the power button, not the take the picture button.


She had such a good time it did my heart good to see her. Sorry there won’t be a picture of her face, but maybe some good ones of the party.