I mowed the lawn last night, for the first time. It was quite good to push the little human powered mower around the yard. I was pretty lathered up when I finished and I didn’t pollute anything – either noise or carbon footprint. Just a whirring sound and me huffing and puffing. It was a lot of work because the ground was wet and the grass was tall, and the foxgloves were blooming. That last part, that only made it hard because my eye was drawn to the flower beds.

What a treat! I have this image in my head of a little fox wearing these lovely gloves. The picture doesn’t do the actual coloration or pattern justice. There is this fine outline around each of the spots in the throat of the flower. It’s so magnificent that it brings me to tears.

It also gives me ideas about future knitting projects. Unfortunately I need to knit from my itsy bitsy stash for a while longer because I have big expenses coming up and I need to spend my money there.