There has been lots of drama around my house lately. None of it relating to the titular Drama club. All of that was put aside for a moment last night when the estrogen haze hanging over the house lifted briefly to attend a Red Carpet event. The Kudos night for the drama club.

My daughters sat next to me most of the night and I got to meet the super woman who runs the department. I see why they love being there so much. It’s like a big warm family, the kind I’m not able to give them because I’m mental and because my family is more mental and spread out along the West and East coasts (and Hawaii).

When I say I’m mental I don’t mean that I’m abusive or I behave badly (most of the time). I’m broken in some ways, and I feign an air of serenity and sanity that is really just a veneer sometimes. But I digress.

Anyway I would love to hang out in this place if I were a kid. It makes sense now, seeing them all together. I made a decision which I hope I can follow up on. I want to volunteer for sewing and stage construction next year. I asked the kids permission and they both said it was fine with them.

I’m a good seamstress and I can follow pattern instructions and paint with the best of them. I’ll also get to see my kids more often, before they fly the nest.

I’ve all but finished Marc’s second sock. It needs a bind off that is done with a needle. He will be here on Monday and I’m looking forward to having him model them for me. I’ll post pictures!