Read on if you dare. This weekend was an experiment in empty nesting. My girls were off with friends and I was totally and utterly alone. Just me the dog and the bird and various plants that needed tending.

Part 1: The Sodding lawn

I hadn’t gotten to finish the lawn yet because the sod I bought from Home Depot to fill in for the dead one from Best Buy in Town was crap. I arranged for a pick up from Best Buy in Town for one final roll on Friday. Which they couldn’t find. Keep in mind they had already shorted us two rolls earlier. We were credited back for those two, but still.

After some searching they led me back to a pile of sod pieces which they offered. I took one and drove it home. Excitedly, just waiting til the moment I could say TADAH! it’s done! I removed the old half dead pieces and rolled the new piece into place. It was 18 inches too short and 2 inches too narrow on either side.

Trying not to cry I called Best Buy back and asked to speak with a manager. I mentioned that while I understood that it wasn’t personal, I was starting to take this personally. They could not locate my roll, because they had given it away. Their suggestion was that I go to Home Depot and find some. They also offered me a 25$ credit on anything I might purchase in the future. If I ever decide to purchase anything form them in the future.

I drove home from Home Depot and wrangled the too small piece out of the pie that makes up our lawn. I rolled out the new Home Depot treasure and lo and behold. The lawn was now done.

Too tired for even a tadah, not capable of a TADAH! I surveyed my handiwork and called it good. The lawn is officially down.

Part 2 The Stupid

Here’s where it gets hysterically funny if you are not me. I woke up rested and refreshed. The day stretched out before me with all sorts of tempting treats. Farmer’s market, belly dancing, knitting with other knitters, free to move about as I chose.

I went to the ATM to get cash so I could buy a few things if I saw something that caught my eye. Another foxglove threw itself at me and said I must take it home an d plant it with it’s “people” in our new flower bed. Who was I to say no. I wandered the length of the market and then jumped in my car to drive out to Belly Dancing class. It was my least favorite teacher and in my hormonal state I couldn’t bring myself to finish her class. She yakked on and on telling these lame jokes and I really just cannot stand to take another class from her. Everyone else loves her, but me I’m difficult and crotchety. I left class early, never to return as long as he is teaching.

Then I headed to the knitting group at Kathy’s Knit Korner and think I’d like to have a chai as I drive. I reach in to pull out my debit card. Which is not to be found anywhere. I am just sick, and disappointed that I’ve managed to make a shambles of my relaxing weekend. I’m tempted to panic as I drive back to the last place I’d my card – at the ATM machine. I call my bank along the way – and am sassed by a young insensitive twit (ok hormone alert – again). I arrive at the ATM to find no card.

Before I can call the bank again, a stranger (attractive older woman who appears to have her act together) tells me that she has done the same thing before and that the ATM will pull the card back if it’s left in too long. I must have gotten flustered with my new wallet and the excitement of doing so many fun things in one day and just left the card in the slot.

Well shit

I could have used this as an excuse to run home and beat myself up. I called the bank back and asked them to let me pick up the card on Tuesday – that’s a no no for them. They have to cancel my card and wiat for a new one. I head down to Kathy’s Knit Korner anyway and find no one there for knitting group except the owner Mary and her grandkids. I sit down and knit anyway and it proves to be one of the highlights of the day talking easy over our projects and getting to know my LYS owner.

Part 3 The Heavens open up and roar

I left at 3:00, drove home and began planting what was left to plant. It was muggy and overcast which is a sure fire indicator that thunder and lighting are on their way. It arrived with drops of rain and plenty of noise to keep any pet on their toes and thunder enthusiasts happy. The sound and fury continued over the next 6-8 hours and watered the newly sodded lawn into happiness. I was thrilled to turn off the sprinklers and let Mother Nature take care of it for awhile. There is something so satisfying in a thunderstorm. Afterwards the air is clear and not so hotand humid and it’s like making up after a fight. If you do it right, it’s peaceful and quiet.

Tomorrow I’ll finish up the rest.