It was so interesting to meet so many fellow knitters. I had show and tell with my Fair Isle project and received some lovin’ for the sweater. But that wasn’t really the reason I went. I wanted to just hang out with other knitters and talk knitter talk. I knit on my sock for Marc for a little while and looked through a few books that someone had gotten down at Powell’s earlier in the day. It was their first visit to Powell’s and what wonderful books they are.

She had Shear Spirit which I’ve put on a wish list for myself. There were a couple of hand dyer books and one on linen spinning I didn’t get around to looking at.

I left a little earlier than everyone else because I need to be up so early. I was yawning at 8:30 so I headed home in time to hang out with Marc for a little bit and then off to bed a very happy knitter.

On my last post I had my first real comment!! I’ve received 1 or 2 that were your typical spam comments – love your website – come look at my naked girl picture. It was from Rachel aka trtlgrl on Ravelry. It made me so happy!