This weekend was filled with cool things. I only wish I’d not been sick so I could appreciate them more.

It was my youngest daughter’s birthday and I was able to bake her a lovely yellow layer cake with lemon frosting. She had pizza and a slumber party. They were well behaved for the most part. It was a lot of energy and hullabaloo for me.

Sunday we went out to distribute flyers for the Neighborhood watch meeting. It was a lovely day. Spent sometime with friends having coffee and I made lasagna in my slow cooker – really – I did.

Now I am exhausted. I’m thinking I need a restorative weekend. I’m going to have to work on that.

I other knitting news – there isn’t any. I haven’t picked up needles in over a week, bewteen the cold and the colonoscopy and Marc’s visit. But it’s OK. I’ll pick them up soon. Instead I used my water color pencils to draw some of the oregano I’d bought for the lasagna. It was fun. It takes a lot of time and observation that deep takes energy. Something I’m very low on right now.

I’ll get home early today and maybe nap.