I swear that a Fairy Godmother has come along and sprinkled fairy dust on my little life. In an effort to rouse myself out of my doldrums, I MADE myself count all of my blessings. I mean really pay attention to the little bits that I tend to ignore, and minimize the stuff I usually focus on. The stuff that makes me envious and unhappy because I DON’T have this thing or that.

I thought I was doing such a miraculous turn around and then I noticed something odd. This state of happiness seemed familiar. The deep, baby like, sleep. My breathing is comfortable and my chest isn’t tight. It’s the happy pills.

Before you turn me over to the police for being the living embodiment of the Valley of the Dolls. I take a vitamin and herbal supplement for PMS. It has copious amounts of Vitamin B6 and some Calcium and Magnesium thrown in. The formula keeps me from being arrested as a mass murderer a couple of weeks out of each month. Best 15.00 a bottle I ever invested. I’ll see my kids graduate from High School in person, not in a striped suit, behind bars via video link.

It’s a little upsetting to realize that mood is really such a matter of brain chemistry. Ultimately I hope to use this information for good. Now I feel a bit like a person with bi-polar disease. If I go off of my meds what will happen?

Anyway, back to the Fairy Godmother. In Sleeping Beauty – Disney style – the fairies fight over the color of Aurora’s dress with little zings of their wands. The gown changes color from pink to blue. Some of the overspray wafts out of the fireplace if I remember correctly. It must have come over and twinkled itself onto my Prius. I swear this morning when I came out to the garage the Prius had the exact shade of blue as the Blue Fairy dust.

Marc teases me fairly regularly about wearing green and professing blue to be my favorite color. I can say without any doubt that blue is my favorite color. For me to be driving a blue Prius is almost too much good stuff. But don’t get me wrong, I’ll take all that good stuff like a man, or a woman. The car is so impossibly cute and blue and quiet and most importantly CLEAN It’s like driving the sky. Cielo Blu seems to be the only thing I can name her. It means Blue Sky in Italian.

I think this is what happens when we get older, we become more childlike. Naming inanimate objects, believing in fairies, wanting to get out of school and play.

Please don’t let me regress so far I need a diaper.