The Parakeet-a-rapto-saurus is an elusive animal. It comes out of it’s cage reluctantly and I’m usually missing a chunk of flesh when it does.

This morning I brought “It” down stairs to exorcise – um exercise it’s wings and left it sitting on the counter top next to my laptop.

That was my big mistake.

As I turned back to my laptop I saw the Parakeet-a-rapto-saurus staring at me as it flipped the neatly amputated Esc key of my laptop across the counter. I stood there for a good three seconds before it registered what had happened. The damn bird had eaten my laptop.

I picked up the little monster and stared straight at the beady eye that was facing me. I calmly explained that I was going to squeeze it’s slightly unripe banana yellow and green head until it popped off. The Parakeet-a-rapto-saurus opened it’s fierce beak and replied……. Tweap!

To be honest the key popped back on as easy as it came off. I’ll be twice as wary as before when placing a known machinovore next to my craptop computer again. I must say, however, that I would never in a bazillion years have guessed that the beast was so powerful and that the machine was so weak.

Maybe I need to cut back on the raw beef I’ve been feeding it.