I’ve just portaged across the parking lot with a gym clothes filled, banana yellow, plastic bag slapped on top of my head to keep the rain off. I’m sure I looked ever bit as attractive as I am describing. And sane.

It’s a concept I am holding at arms distance right now. Sanity. It’s the Whore-moans you know. No need to delve into that here – again, please?

So what’s this got to do with Nimbyism (Not In My Backyard). Late in December I discovered a flier attached to my door. It was decidedly not good news. There are now 3 convicted sex offenders living within a half mile of my house. In the mix are an arsonist, an attempted murderer and a burglar. All of them have been determined to be criminally insane. The state released them to this group home, mostly because they did not know what else to do with them. That group home is a few blocks from mine.

But the most horrifying wrinkle of all. The psychiatric review board for the state has allowed the group home staff to walk these people around the neighborhood without restraints. If one of them breaks free and makes a run for it, the staff will only call 911. They will not chase the escapee down.

Seriously, the group home said it’s all cool because nothing has happened since they opened in August 2007.

You have got to be out of your ever lovin’ minds people. The group home is surrounded by single family dwellings full of kids who don’t know the difference between a crazed maniac and the slightly weird neighbor next door. Anyone who takes exception to my description of these folks can kiss my rosy cheeks (the lower set). As far as I can tell this is just one big accident waiting to happen.

I understand that these homes have to go somewhere, but it seems to me that a secure, lock down facility does not belong in a neighborhood full of kids when some of the people in the home are convicted sex offenders who are criminally insane.

I dare anyone of you out there to tell me they think that is a good idea.