I worked hard on the Lady Oriel this past two days. Last night I hit a wall. I baked cookies for our cookie exchange here at work, and then drove out to the airport to pick up my sweetie.

I finally laid my head down at 12:20 am. It wasn’t pretty this morning.

The Mister snores alot when he’s tired. Which is like saying that hurricanes are windy or the ocean is salty. It’s so essentially him. We’d had the presence of mind to set up the bed downstairs for one of us. It’s sad when you spend your first night together in a long time in separate beds – and we aren’t even mad at each other. But, it exhausts him to worry that he’s snoring and waking me, so he wakes himself all night.

It’s this torturous, rasping sound that rises to a crescendo and never really falls back to quiet. It’s the most noise I’ve heard anyone make with just their nose. If it wasn’t so tiring to hear him laboring away like that I might laugh and enjoy it. Sisyphus himself couldn’t be as worn down pushing that damn rock as the work that my sweetie performs in his sleep. Breathe in like a Tyrannosaur, breathe out like a steam engine up an incline hauling 500 fully loaded cars.

You get the idea.

Long story short, I’m tired in a whole new way. Conversation is too much of an effort. I’ll just grunt in acknowledgment. I did go to the gym, but I could do that in my sleep. Oh look! I did do it in my sleep. Knitting lace is entirely out of the question. I’d only have to rip back from the abyss and cry alot.

Instead I’ll go to the Choir Orchestra concert. Mind you this is High School so it’s not the Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom of years past. (See the Yarn Harlot’s post The Kid with the Viola wasn’t too bad) These kids can play, and sing. Most of the time it’s lovely. I’ll be counting down the moments till I can climb into bed.