I’m having a lousy run at work this week. I’d much rather be making like a glamorous travel writer and pestering, um I mean sending you all the latest in my travel writing series “The Glamour Life in Italy” by yours truly.

I have to face facts. The vacation is over and I’m done reliving it through blogging about it. Sigh.

The trip back to the US was loooog. By the time we arrive in Seattle, we have been awake for most of 24 hours. I still have a 3 hour drive ahead of me, if no one decides to drop a load of pipe on I-5. It’s here and now I realize that I am sometimes a grownup, and grownups get to call the shots. Except, apparently, in the case of American Leadership where the best we have managed lately is frat boy rule.

I weigh my options and after picking up our rental car I head for the nearest Double Tree Inn. By 10:30 pm we are out like the proverbial little light bulbs. The drive will wait until tomorrow. We wake, enjoy a BIG American Breakfast and waddle our way to the car. There is the obligatory stop in Olympia at Starbucks and then safely home where we struggle to remain upright and coherent for a few days. I’m done, finito, all over. I’ll close with an advertising cliche….

Neck pillows for long plane flight – 90 dollars

Sampling every kind of pizza in Italy twice – 400 dollars

Not missing even one souvenir stand in search of the perfect gift – too many dollars

Spending quality time with your kids before they fly the nest – PRICELESS

And without further ado I introduce you to the Royal family du Pillow. Or what happens when you spend quality time with the people you love.