I’m pondering the nature of my universe, or my blog, more specifically. When I first started this project, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. Now it just comes out, either good or bad. So I’m not feeling particularly like I’m in crisis, or that it has anything to do with turning 50.

So do I change the name of my blog? I’m not spending as much time here, so do I pack in in and delete the blog and start another? That would be a shame because this is the sole resting place of my thoughts, some new and some old that have been copied in or “recycled” as it were.

50 has been a non-issue, other than the fact that physically I notice I’m a little slower and less resilient. Not seriously degraded, but I just don’t have the work till I drop and not pay a price the next day. Now working till I drop guarantees that I will at the very least ache all over for the next day or two, or be exhausted the next day. I can get around that by cultivating well placed breathing spaces in the day, but they aren’t a convenience any longer. They are a necessity.

Knitting away on the Oriel Lace blouse and I’m almost done with the sleeves. I knit them at the same time to avoid the dreaded SSS or second sleeve syndrome. Next is to start the back so I only have the one pair of needles to carry. Yes carry, as in my luggage – to Italy! Only 10 more days till we leave.

I’ve got to get the itinerary out!!