I’m amazed at how picture perfect the Euro is. While our greenbacks have a certain pedestrian comfort in their sameness, the Euro is flashy. Filled with line drawings of spectacular architectural elements and brightly colored to boot. The different denominations are sized according to worth. Those damn Europeans have a logical means of measuring and weighing AND some very cute and logical moolah.

Slowly finding my way through the list of things. Made a dent last night and found an “epilator” at Freddie’s which is not too pricey. I think I’ll invest, considering that a leg waxing will easily cost more than the epilator for both – even at the beauty school.

Nothing concrete for the weekend. Kids go off to a game tonight and I’m happy to sit in front of the TV and knit tonight.

My big news is that someone wanted to use my picture of a finished piece of knitting I had done on Ravelry. The cables and lace scarf! I of course said yes, because it tickled me pink that it was worthy of use. Despite the fact that it’s usage is most likely due to no one else having a picture. Still there are several people who are knitting the scarf – it’s a free pattern after all. So maybe I’ll make some new friends on Ravelry. I have to admit the idea is a little daunting. I’m so bad at making friends.