I can’t believe how fast the days are going now. Tomorrow is two weeks till we leave and I still have many things to looks into before we go. I could travel without doing any of them, but it will make life easier if I do.

But all I feel like doing is cooking and knitting. Sigh!

I made some headway on the sleeves for the Lovely Lady Oriel, but unfortunately it was in the wrong direction. I had miscued on the pattern and repeated the same area twice instead of incrementing. It had to be slooowwwly backed out stitch by stitch because I’ve ripped the lady before and it took me longer to figure out where I was and work again than it did to unknit it. I need to finish these sleeves so I can begin the back, not so many needle changes there. I want to travel fairly light in Italy.

So I’ve decided a few things – boarding the bird instead of having Kristin keep her. It’s just too much for her (the bird not Kristin) since she’s been sickly. And I’m feeding her fresh food twice a day to try and build up her Vitamin A stores in addition to giving her the thyroid tablets.

I’m not as nervous about going away because I’m not leaving the kids behind this time. If anything befalls them it’s likely to befall me as well because we will be together. Potential disasters surrounding the rest of my stuff is manageable. I’m insured, though I hope not to need it.

So compression stockings, hair removers for my legs (my Epilady died a few months ago and shaving is not making me happy!!!) waterproofer for my shoes and I need to buy some Euros.

Still manageable, but the weekend will be busy.