For the most part – aside from the extended 4 hour interlude of nose blowing and hacking ans spitting I’m better. That interlude happens about 40 minutes after I get up and continues through my drive to work and the first couple of hours of work. It’s loud, and uncomfortable. And decidedly gross.

The oldest of my progeny has gotten her braces off. Her smile is so beautiful and perfect. The difference between before and after is startling. There is no way to understand that her teeth didn’t look bad before. They were very straight, but her bite was ever so slightly off. But not anymore. Now if I could just be done with paying for them – the braces that is. The kids I’ll never be done with paying for 😉

The lovely Lady Oriel is proceeding along. I’ve knit maybe a fourth of the sleeves. The shaping is done with the needle sizes, not increasing and decreasing. New world for me.

I’ve been reading several of my favorite blogs lately. The theme seems to be finishing and also ripping out things that weren’t quite right. I’ve especially enjoyed reading the Yarn Harlot’s blog where she describes not being able to knit anything in a straight line. It’s always knit and rip and knit and rip. She said it was also when she was bone tired at night that it went this way. Well all I can say is Thank God I’m not the only one and if it happens to the Harlot, who am I to think it won’t happen to me? Hmmmm

Well I’m out of here for now.