I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. Not keeping up my end of the blogosphere for sure. But I have managed to finish up the front of the Oriel Lace blouse. WHOO HOO! A big three cheers for me. I will begin the sleeves as soon as humanly possible. I intend to knit them at the same time on a pair of circular needles. This will allow me to control what I do row by row, since I think sleeves and socks can suffer from the same thing – second sleeve dilemma.

I’m well and truly tired today. Been tying up the loose ends for the trip to Italy. W ehave hotels for everything but Milan. I need to book tours, but am not hearing back from the tour company in Rome. One more thing I am concerned about is the ticket between Milan and Zurich, but I think Darling Boy will find out some info for us from his friend who lives in Milan.

Off to a great weekend. Hope you all enjoy the same.