I’ve been busy this weekend. In fact I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. It was a blur of cooking, eating said cooking and knitting at Twisted. Can I tell you…. I loooove this place. It’s cute, and fun and has lovely yarn in it – yeah duh it’s a yarn store. Theyhad tables where people were knitting, visiting and sipping tea. It’s a knitter’s paradise I tell ya.

The fun part was a class I took in Fair Isle knitting. I now know the difference between Continental and American knitting and why they call it “throwing yarn”. Why did I not know this before. Continental is so much easier.

So anyway. I’m knitting along in class and I turn over my work to see this most amazing thing – nice, flat, even little strands of yarn on the wrong side of my work. Truly a lovely sight to behold. All three of us in the class making like knitting super stars.

I will definitely be back to this knitting mecca. I’d like to choose more yarn to make a fair isle sweater or two or three.