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I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. Not keeping up my end of the blogosphere for sure. But I have managed to finish up the front of the Oriel Lace blouse. WHOO HOO! A big three cheers for me. I will begin the sleeves as soon as humanly possible. I intend to knit them at the same time on a pair of circular needles. This will allow me to control what I do row by row, since I think sleeves and socks can suffer from the same thing – second sleeve dilemma.

I’m well and truly tired today. Been tying up the loose ends for the trip to Italy. W ehave hotels for everything but Milan. I need to book tours, but am not hearing back from the tour company in Rome. One more thing I am concerned about is the ticket between Milan and Zurich, but I think Darling Boy will find out some info for us from his friend who lives in Milan.

Off to a great weekend. Hope you all enjoy the same.

I’ve been busy this weekend. In fact I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. It was a blur of cooking, eating said cooking and knitting at Twisted. Can I tell you…. I loooove this place. It’s cute, and fun and has lovely yarn in it – yeah duh it’s a yarn store. Theyhad tables where people were knitting, visiting and sipping tea. It’s a knitter’s paradise I tell ya.

The fun part was a class I took in Fair Isle knitting. I now know the difference between Continental and American knitting and why they call it “throwing yarn”. Why did I not know this before. Continental is so much easier.

So anyway. I’m knitting along in class and I turn over my work to see this most amazing thing – nice, flat, even little strands of yarn on the wrong side of my work. Truly a lovely sight to behold. All three of us in the class making like knitting super stars.

I will definitely be back to this knitting mecca. I’d like to choose more yarn to make a fair isle sweater or two or three.

So I have a wonderful new hair cut that I love and the Oriel Lace blouse is coming along nicely. I’m hoping to get the front finished this weekend and begin work on the back. I would love to say I will have this done for Italy, but I’m not sure I can pull it off so quickly. But maybe…..

I went ahead and ordered the lovely Born riding boots – but the only color they had in my size was black. So black it is. I wanted dark brown, but if black is all they have. Black is what I’ll get. It helped that I had a 20 dollars off coupon from another purchase I made.

Plans for Italy continue apace. More on that later.

I’m having trouble processing the news that my friend, who gave notice today, is leaving. I’ve been open to a lot more emotion recently than I used to be. Trying to keep myself connected to people instead of withdrawing. It hurts, kinds alot. I think it’s healthy, but it’s also hard. Especially when I am hormonal and feeling unworthy and lost. I do feel lost and unworthy. That’s the worst and hardest part.

I’m not sure how to recover from this. I don’t know if this is post 50 let down, or what, but it isn’t fun. For now I am gooing to just sit with the feelings and hopefully the way out is through.

And it’s from a stinking spammer. Funny how I’ve taken such great pains to be hidden and mysterious with this blog, and when I see a comment I’m all excited. Ooooh, somebody is reading my stuff. Oh well. Back to obscurity just the way I like it.

I’ve continued well along on the Oriel lace blouse. Knitting the pattern with decreases wasn’t as tricky as I thought it would be. I found myself arriving at the appointed row 20 with the correct number of stitches for the first half of the waist shaping. I have to say this was knitting on faith at it’s finest. Still it amazes me how far I have come in learning to read charts and “Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises”. I found I was missing a stitch today, I identified the culprit and added a stitch. Voila, no more stitch counts being wonky.

This weekend is going to be fun. The lineup is vegging tonight. Belly Dance Class tomorrow, shopping at Washington Square with birthday gift card loot, massage and workout at my favorite club on Sunday (again birthday loot!) I can’t wait!!!!

Is that using post too many times? So the big day has come and gone and I’m still happy with life. I had a wonderful time this past 4 day weekend. We went to Hood River (a beautiful town and I didn’t take any stinkin’ pictures). Worked on the house, on my birthday! It’s OK I wanted to. I painted the porch rails with sealant/stain and Marc installed a butcher block countertop. Beautiful! On Sunday we went off to the coast and hung out in beautiful and crowded Cannon Beach.

Made a stop at Knot Another Hat in Hood River – yummy yarn, but all I took away were some knitting needles. Also made a stop at Coastal Yarn. Since I am butt deep in the Oriel Lace blouse I just quietly lusted and went on my way.

I’ve got this little sparkler to show off as well.