Hello, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Who am I talking to? Myself. No one visits my blog and I love it that way! I’ve been fully in pursuit of the 4 essential practices for a happy life post 50. Do things that scare you, might make you stay up too late, might make you gain weight and, um… and. Yeah, getting old sucks. I found the post. There are only 3 essential practices. Quick make something up!

Any way I’ve done some scary stuff and some fattening stuff and some staying up late stuff and I’m still here. Funny thing! I’m still here, not as tired or fat as I thought I’d be.

Socks are done! I finished them at the North West Strings Summit. Tucked their little threads in at home. Wore them around the house. They are so cool. I may not ever wear them outside the house, but I think they will work for those days when slippers are not feasible (couch knitting days).

I cast on for the Oriel lace blouse swatch. I am not using the same yarn because the pricing was just silly. I found a similar weight alpaca/ silk yarn that was not a ribbon yarn. The swatch knit up beautifully but I am slightly off on the gauge. I did block it and it improved some. But still I think I am OK to begin. I’m going to knit up the front and then block and see how it looks on me. Then I’ll try one sleeve provided it fits properly. The pattern is super easy. Nothing like the lace jacket I knit a few years ago.

Pictures still await I know, but my Sweetie’s shorts needed a button put on and I had this TIME to actually swatch something. Pictures will come soon.