My daughter gave me a pillow with the following on the front of it.

I am Woman, I am Strong, I am sooo tired and really that just says it all for me. I don’t know how people do so many extra things. I do everything to try and boost my energy. I work out, I eat right, I try to sleep long enough. I take my vitamins. But still I feel like I can’t keep up with my sweetie or my kids. It’s pathetic. Long before we are done with the day I am fully baked. Stick a fork in me.

Not sure how I am going to get beyond that, or get them to accept that I can’t fold the laundry and clean up the dishes and water all the plants and clean the house in my spare time and still keep up. It’s too exhausting.

Plus I want time to knit. I love to knit. My second sock is almost done. I’m so proud of myself that I have finished the project which I abandoned over a year ago. Maybe there is hope for me yet. Once that sock is done I am off to work on the Oriel Lace Blouse from the Summer 2007 Knits magazine. I’m both scared and excited at the same time. It will be a handful for sure.

I need to post some pictures of work I have done. It’s exciting because I’ve finished a few simple projects this year. Way to go woman!