Life is still good, but somebody has been using my credit card number for purchases that I didn’t make. I think this happened at Costco, but I can’t prove it. To make a short story long, I called to have the charges reversed (over 400.00) and then called American Express to begin a fraud claim and have my card re-issued.

It’s a good thing that I am usually cautious about my credit purchases and that I track my purchases and bank accounts online. It might have been weeks and lots of other purchases otherwise.

I don’t understand the people who pull this shit. Where do they think they get off doing this. No one is going to use my hard earned credit without my permission. Well actually they did and do.

I’m not letting my credit card out of my sight again. Even when I pay for gas at Costco. I’m going to get out of the car and swipe it myself.

Sucks. A lot.