I can’t help but say it. Life is good. I got to do some massaging and some knitting and some cleaning and some cooking and some organizing. All of these things are things I loooooove to do. I got to eat the yummy stuff I made, got myself a bunch of CEUs so I can re-license as a therapist, got a good start on the second sock AND organized myself down to my last moving box. My mortgage papers all have a place to live and so do my knitting, weaving and spinning magazines.

I’m about where I was before the Wal-Mart debacle. Time on my hands and looking to fill it. I’m going to stray from the path this time and head back into what I love instead of searching out something new (like belly dancing). I’m going to crack open those water color pencils and paper and draw me some stuff. Knit till I don’t want to knit anymore. Maybe get the old spinning wheel out. In a word or two – Indulge myself.

Next stop is the recipe storage. I just want to go one place to grab them, and I aim high to make myself one.