Payday too. I will be attending a Myofascial Release Basics class on Saturday, all day. That will allow me to renew my Massage License for two more years. I have to start plotting my next course to take.

Things have been lovely at home. Everyone settled in. I was able to make a simple dinner, clean up, water the yard and knit. Since progeny #1 can drive I have all this time to get “the other stuff” done at night. Checkbook balancing, cooking, laundry. For the first time in months it doesn’t feel rushed. I have helpers to walk the dog and wash the bird cage. I could get used to this.

Finished the last of the Efudex on my chest Wednesday night. Technically I think I should have applied twice on Thursday but I just decided I’d had enough. The spot on my eye peeled off and I’m still peeling. The rest of my skin is – dare I say it – wonderful. I look my age but I don’t look old. While my face still sags a slight bit – and I’m OK with that – I no longer have crosshatched crows feet extending out from my eyes onto the tops of my cheeks. My face has lines but the skin is tight. Like I’d slept well for the last 15 years. It doesn’t have a pulled tight quality as much as it has a filled in quality when compared to before. The color is rosy, not sallow, and the brown spots have faded in most places to nothing. The redness from the Efudex is almost gone. It’s truly a miracle.

I also finished my sock. It’s lovely.