That was me, buzzing around the house. I’m my happiest there. I got the cars cleaned up – vacuumed out, wiped down. Swept out the garage, steam cleaned the baseboards in the house. Made pesto from the last weeks basil which had sprouted (oh that’s why it hasn’t wilted). Found a replacement hanging basket for the Fredie’s basket which crapped out last week. It was on sale for cheap so I also picked up another Mint Frost Heuchera. I’m going to put it into the spot where I moved the green and white hosta that was baked to a crackly crunch in the afternoon sun.

I finished turning the heel on the “SOCK”. Actually I turned it twice. I ripped out the first try because it was butt ugly. I turned the second one on the MAX train out to the workshop. HIPS with Yasmine. She was a wonderful teacher and dancer. I was able to keep up without getting frustrated which was a real change for me. Usually I get upset with myself and then all is lost. That wasn’t the case Saturday. This was a revelation. I didn’t have to be perfect.

So a great weekend all in all. But the really big news is I GET MY KIDS BACK TOMORROW. They are flying on the red eye tonight. I’m so relieved. I’m going to give them a huge hug, drive them home and let them rest. I want to hang out with them, but I have work to do. if only there was someway to get paid for sewing, knitting, reading and gardening.