The Lake House rates a B+ from me for Keanu kisses. I had the plot figured out early on but I didn’t care. I knit myself silly and then took the dog for a walk. Life is good. So I am adding one thing to my list of criteria for my birthday month. The truly madly deeply part will also apply to things that scare the crap outta me.

The belly dance class I attend on a semi-regular basis is pre-empted tomorrow due to Tribal Quest Northwest. So instead of sighing heavily, dropping my head, turning around and walking away from the door looking like I’d lost my best friend, I did the unexpected. I signed up for a workshop. HIPS with Yasmine.

So what am I scared of? That I’ll be the suckiest in class. That I won’t be able to follow? Taht people will laugh. That I will waste my money? All of those things are a possibility, but who cares. It’s my money and I’m a grownup. I can do as I please.

So if it’s fattening, makes me stay up too late cuz it’s fun or it’s something I always wanted to do but was too scared – bring it on!