So I’ve decided to do one thing each day – ok at least one thing each day – that I really, really truly, deeply, madly want to do. No excuses for whether it makes me a) stay up too late or b) gain weight.

Last night was baking peach cobbler and staying up past my bedtime to knit (and allow the house to cool down enough to open the windows). I have to say it felt pretty darn great. Except when the alarm went off this morning. I was sleeping very, very deeply. So deeply that in my dream I heard the alarm racket and my dream hands were holding a dream gadget that required I turn off the racket. Except it wasn’t a dream gadget, it was the clock and all of the dream gadget tinkering I was doing was not having any effect on the racket.

In essence, I laughed myself awake.

Tonight I’m going to watch The Lake House. I’ve been told it’s pretty sucky in some ways but that Sandra and Keanu together again is pretty wonderful. I’m going to knit some more, and have a smoothie for dinner because it sounds good and it’s easy.

Nyah, nyah nyah!