Life thing. I am really bad at it. As evidenced by my short post yesterday I’m obviously having a melt down of some sort. The person responsible for getting my melt down mojo working will remain nameless.

I’ve been cranky and out of sorts all day. Some of that has to do with staying up waaay too late to finish watching Apocolypto and knitting. The knitting part was great, glad to get to the end of the movie because it comepletely sucked me in. Say what you will about Mel Gibson, but the movie was gorgeous and incredibly real. Bloody though. I watched many parts from behind my fingers waiting for the yucky part to be done.

I’ve been perusing all of these web sites that have these talented women making lovely things from fiber. Knitters, spinners, hand dyers, painters. Me, I’m just a WANNABE. And I just never seem to have the time to put into making something exquisite on my own anymore. It’s all from a pattern. That’s so sad.

Tomorrow it’s one month till my 50th b-day. Big milestone. Half a century. Hope I don’t get hit by a bus as some sort of karmic humor lesson. The retinoids are working already. My left cheek no longer looks like the face of a 60 year old. It matches my right cheek. I look my age, but I don’t look old.