It’s Payday, Friday and Jeans Day all rolled into one. My favorite kind of Friday! I’ve been waiting for the weekend to show up. Maybe I’ll get to knit some this weekend. I want to finish my sock.

Went to a lecture on Anti-Inflammatory diets last night. I have to admit I could have given the lecture with all of the research I’ve done. Still I learned a few things – like New Seasons Market needs to provide more comfy chairs than the poor excuses they had last night. Those were not chairs, they were cleverly disguised torture devices from Medieval times. Hard, wooden. Impossible to find a soft cushy place for my bony butt.

Italy is only a little more than three months away. My 50th is slightly more than a month. I’m so excited. I bought myself some yarn to knit a going to Italy sweater. How retarded is that?