I’ve got two more weeks of applying this nasty efudex cream to my chest. I can’t wait for it to be over with. The raised spot by the corner of my eye is still undetermined. I’ve made an appointment for Oct 29th so the dermatologist can look at it, instead of the PA.

On the bright side I can begin using the retinoids again. That should have my face looking less wrinkly in the next few weeks. I am very happy about that. I should be ready for Italy and looking quite fetching.

Finally finished the toe of the toe up sock done with the Eastern/Turkish cast-on. It was ugly, but I finally prevailed after 40 some odd false starts. Persistence is everything for me with new knitting techniques. I sometimes just have to do the thing over and over again. I’m now to the point that I am doing a 2×2 rib until I get to the heel. Things already fit better and should go FAST.

My big news was getting to go out to a concert last night. We went to see Los Lobos at the Zoo. We even had back stage passes so we were close enough to touch the musicians. The music was insanely good. Latin/Mexican music always makes you want to move your hips and this was no exception. I really enjoyed myself, but I have to admit it took me some time to get into not being at home and picking up/cleaning. I’ve got to wonder what the hell is wrong with me that I think that way. The night was warm and perfect and the company superb. Why was I stressing about not being at home takin care of biz? I’m weird!