About work, that is. There are lots o’ things I care lot’s about. Work isn’t one of them as it turns out. Working on the dastardly and elusive Turkish cast-on. Sheesh. I can get the cast-on part, but the resulting knitting it disgustingly sad. Well, let me re-state that. I got the cast-on part from a tutorial at Knitty (another nice lady knitter from the Portland area)which does the Interweave Knits Summer issue one better. I think one knitter called the instructions in the magazine “austere”. That was an understatement.

So anyway. The Knitty site said that she thought the world could use a “more humane” Turkish or Eastern cast-on. Truly this is more humane. I didn’t feel like I was all thumbs, only 65%. Thankfully, the Knitty end result was far fewer odd bits that threatened to open into holes when the increases begin for the sock toe. I’m going to need a crowbar, backhoe and a pickle to get the rest right. Or maybe just a tiny crochet hook.