I spent most of this weekend feeling out of sorts. It made me chafe a bit to think I’ve wasted any more time being tired and not feeling well. I wish I could take a cue from people who don’t have much time left and just move it. Wake up and smell the coffee. Or as Emo Phillips says, smell the coffin.

So my skin is officially back to normal aside from a few spots that flush extra red when I work out or rub my skin. Spent most of the weekend either getting or preparing food. The Beaverton Farmer’s Market was a blast. Served ourselves up some really delicious fresh food.

Made a trip into Portland to pick up some double pointed needles for a sock project. This is actually the second time I’ve used this yarn for “a sock project”. The first time through the sock heel was backward. I made the mate correctly, saw the error and tore out the first sock. Then the project sat lost while I moved last summer. I found another sock pattern which will fit better and requires a tricky cast on called Eastern or Turkish cast on. It makes for a nice toe that isn’t sewn together on the end. Yep, you guessed it, I tore both the half reknitted and finished sock out and will start again. The yarn store was going out of business and had everything 30% off. If I’d had a little more money I would have bought some stash replacement. But I still have all of the yarn my friend Kris gave me and it’s just too hard to let go of. I’m slowly making small things for a compassionate knitting project. It’s nice to have yarn that can quickly be made into a hat or scarf. Something I can easily put my hands on and go without remembering the pattern. Once that’s gone, who knows what I’ll do.

But I want to do something. Wake up and smell the coffin.