Another great weekend. Not much going on. I slept well, except last night. I stayed up too late because I wasn’t tired. Well, I did have a nap at 4:00, but besides that, I was too excited about the things I was cooking up (food from the farmer’s market). I was also excited about having the time to do things slowly. I made pesto from a lovely pile of basil I bought. I boiled beets for tonight’s dinner. I roasted a chicken – ditto – for tonight. I made a snack of crunchy french bread, fresh sliced tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella. So many good tastes, so many calories.

I visited Powell’s, the cathedral of literature. Worked out. Slept in. Went to a la-di-dah yarn store for inspiration. The weather was cool. 20 degrees below the approximation of hell we had earlier in the week. Cleaned the house a little. Walked the dog. Smiled at people I don’t know. Life is good!

Oh yeah, this was titled The Urge to Knit. I have bought myself a nice knitting magazine. Said magazine has several interesting projects. I am jonesing to knit again. Will I have the time? Will I make the time?