It’s Friday and payday. My friend has gotten her double biopsy results back. All is normal – and wonderful. My other friend with lymphoma has gotten a preliminary report back stating that there is no sign of the tumor in her jaw. My Sweetie’s best friend’s son has received an all clear on his scan as well. His testicular cancer had spread into his abdomen. For awhile it looked as though his only choices were a bowel and bladder resection or repeating a chemotherapy protocol that had not worked for him in the past.

All of this is great news. For awhile there I felt as though each day brought more dire news concerning another loved one with cancer. The last. littlest patient still has the verdict out. My Mother’s next door neighbor had a baby in February and she has cancer of the brain stem. Things are not looking quite so rosy for that family, so my heart goes out to them. I can’t even imagine what that Mom and Dad must be going through.

Me, I’m still peeling and hopefully pre-cancer free too.