Today is the first day I chose to try and exfoliate some of the dead stuff off of my face with stronger means. Pre-Efudex I used a buff puff to take off dead skin cells each morning in the shower. Today was the first time Post-Efudex. It totally rocked. And instead of staying a shade of newly flambed lobster, the redness remained happy pink and then faded. When my skin dried there were several areas of tight dry skin that remained. I’m sure those will flake in the next few days and I’ll be left with pink smooth skin that will tolerate sun screen again.

I think that the infusion of Omega 3 and 6 was a great idea. Add to that my eating fresh yummy veggies and fruits and my eyes are clear and my skin looks healthy. I need to remember that the salmon and sushi are vital beauty treatments, not just food. They are essential to my beauty regimen. (Insert a snort of derision here)

Here’s to more flaking. More bad stuff I do not need is leaving my body.