OK, it’s also 99 plus degree outside. Just slightly less than hell or Palm Springs. I’m less red, but still awfully pink. Part of the problem is that only parts of my face were affected. So, much of my skin is pasty white with big red scabby polka dots on it. Add to this the “Fetching” bee keeper veil combo that is my hat and scarf. I can’t bear the thought of sunscreen yet and I must be protected from the sun which is blazing to beat the tar out of the UV meter. Add to that I am actually painting myself in diaper cream. I got to work with big white splotches of it covering my delicate pink skin. The stupid cortisone did nothing. It was supposed to blanch the redness and stop the itching. The diaper cream is doing that as well as providing a small amount of UV protection on the healing skin.

I seriously do have a UV meter. It’s a little card that measures the intrinsic UVness of the moment. I use it while driving to prevent myself from throwing caution to the winds and whipping off the lovely sun hat, scarf ensemble.

The itchiness has subsided (except in the heat). I’m able to peel off the gummy flakes of skin that have become saturated in diaper cream and the goopy stuff known as Aquaphor. I have lots more to peel on my chin and cheeks. My nose I have been able to exfoliate over the last day. So I’m now looking forward to day 10 which falls around next Monday I think. I should see some real improvement by then. My next milestone will be 2 weeks.

I am still glad I did this. I can see the many spots that were waiting to turn on me. And funny thing. I can’t even see the scar from the surgery anymore because the other symptoms are so much more noticeable. The scar has softened and that makes it look much less puckery and sad.