Got the word yesterday that I have come to the end of the Efudex treatment on my face. And not a moment too soon I might add. While I never looked like Mr TopicalChemo dude, I had definitely reached the end of my patience with the itching and unsightly appearance. I think I just peel and scab a little now and then wait for the redness to fade in 4-6 weeks. Then I start Tazorac which is an industrial strength Retinoid. That will continue the process of getting the old skin off and letting newer, healthy skin emerge.

This is the first weekend alone in a long time and I’m going to take it slow. Kids are gone, sweetie is gone. I will enjoy myself. Without itching like crazy

4th of July firework are a memory, but a very good one. The sounds of the Waterfont Blues festival in the background. The many bridges across the Willamette. The little fireworks displays making a lovely backdrop to the main attraction. Hanging out with my beloved late at night – it’s still 80+ degrees. It doesn’t get much better than that.