Warning, this will be a bit of a rant. I’m in day 6 of the Efudex treatment and still nothing happening. I have to say I am not unhappy about it. The less time I spend in pain the better. Apparently though, my sub-conscious mind is having quite the fling with worrying. So much so that I am grinding my teeth. This has caused one of my teeth to be very unhappy. I went to the dentist today and he feels it’s just inflammation from me pressing on the tooth and irritating the nerve.

So to add to the hats, and glass and sunscreen and cell phone and headset and all the other STUFF that I get to lug around, I will now add a mouth guard to wear at night. OK, enough whining. I get to keep the tooth apparently, instead of rendering it one of the undead through root canal. That is if it stops being inflamed and doesn’t get infected. Which it shouldn’t. I hope. OK I really hope alot.

I am also having some pretty unpleasant cramps. I didn’t want to take any pain medication just in case something was really wrong with the tooth and it would make it harder to diagnose it. I think I’ll go ahead and take some now. The xray didn’t show anything scary.

Whew! I’m adjusting to my kids being gone, and the nausea from the chemo is better. OK enough ranting.