I’ve been googling Efudex for several days now. Trying to get more information. It seems there isn’t a whole lot out there except personal experiences. Which is good, but sometimes too subjective. I was hoping to know if the flushed face look improves without really ever going away, or if the damage to sweat glands is real or imagined.

My youngest child’s promotion is coming soon. The kid was voted most likely to become a Rock Star for the yearbook. Last year it was most likely to become President. I don’t know which one is more accurate. It strikes me that both occupations share more than a little in common.

Days are closing down to Friday when I start. My dermatologist has also prescribed a cortisone cream which she wants me to begin applying right away. Hopefully I’ll avoid some of the look of having my face burned off and discomfort. I’m all for that!