I am just devastated by the news today. A former co-worker of mine has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She found it because of a tumor she had growing in her jaw that she thought was a bone infection from an abscessed tooth. It wasn’t.

Heather is a lovely, thoughtful, accomplished woman. She is younger than me, but I always looked up to her. She dressed comfortably and casually in a way that I have since tried to emulate. She is soft spoken and hard working. She got married to someone she was wild about and didn’t seem to have the same ambivalence I did to marriage. Her relationship now includes two kids ages 3 and 5. One of them a red haired cutie who has a carbon copy of her mother’s smile.

This is the height of unfairness. I don’t understand how we are supposed to go on when the world insists on pressing down upon us the fact that we are ephemeral at best. I’ve been reading her blog and it’s an amazing study of someone who has entered Cancer World, as Heather has begun to call it.

It’s a pretty apt name for this new place she lives. I don’t want to go live there, but in some ways I have. There is a new spot on my face which requires I go back to the dermatologist to have looked at. Will it be biopsy the Basal cell again, or just a funny growth.

Either way, the world again reminds me that I am human and absolutely vulnerable to millions of combinations of errant gene possibilities and environmental assault.

I think I will go home and hug my kids a little tighter.