Ran myself ragged this weekend. The cars needed washing, the house needed scrubbing, the planters out front needed re-planting. And it was bloody HOT. I didn’t want to run the air conditioner all day so I opened the house first thing in the morning to cool off, and then shut the house up for the rest of the day. I turned on the air conditioning late in the afternoon and then only down to 75 for a short time. It was a relief not to feel parboiled at the end of the day. It was a little more comortable to sleep as well. We opened the windows before bed and slept to the sounds of the highway and the night birds.

The planters were so fun. I bought shade plants for some and sun plants for others. There are verbena, salvia, lobelia and imatireda (haha) plus two sweet potato vines for the sun. The shade planters have New Guinea impatiens, impatiens, and coleus plus a few volunteer pansies. The big sun planter had vinca and ivy in it which I ripped out completely.

As I started to slow down to make dinner the smoke detectors started to go off. In my old house I had one. In my new house I have six. And the ceilings are 9 foot. Except in my bedroom where they are 12 foot at the peak of the vault. I ran around getting on chairs and disabling the few I could reach. It took my 8 foot ladder hauled upstairs to finally get them to be quiet. It was another 20 dollars in batteries to get them completely silenced. I’m guessing the batteries were over a year old and they finally gave up the ghost.

I was able to get to bed at 9:00 completely sore and tired, but it was a restless night of sleep for me. Hope tonight will be much better.