My kids are off to a sleep over. I have the house to myself. What to do with all that free time?

I’ll probably wash the cars and water the plants. Maybe start the laundry. That takes some of the time back for Saturday. I will be taking the dog to the groomers so she won’t smell so bad. What is it about water dogs, they get so greasy and smelly. She is the best dog ever, despite the fact that she is blind and greasy and smelly.

Work has been good and busy this week. I like having a sense of purpose for the day. Lot’s to do. Wasn’t that how I started this whole blog thing? Looking for my sense of purpose. I’m not sure if it’s shown up yet, but it seems less lost.

My daughter was chosen student of the semester for her team. There are 4 teams in the school, 2 for each grade. It’s a huge achievement for her and I am so proud my chest might burst. She’s had some struggles in the past realizing how wonderful she is. I think she’s finally getting used to the idea that she is pretty terrific.

Well I’m off to my weekend!