Not much going on here today. I’ve been really busy at work and so I’ve not had anytime to login and update. I’m on the other side of PMS and it’s a place where I can cruise peacefully through my days. For another 2 weeks.

I’ve got some time off coming up. 4 days off. Hoping to work in the yard, after sleeping in of course.

Last night both of my daughters played in the orchestra concert. Then the youngest went off to the My Chemical Romance concert. I let her stay home from school. I know, I’m a bad mom. Both of my kids work so hard and are so good. Every once in awhile I think a little break is in order.

Strawberries. Really, lovely, fresh aromatic, juicy, red all the way through strawberries. Mmmmm. There were no words for these beauties. Only yummy sounds. I bought them at the produce stand a local farming family runs every year. They also do corn. And it’s right there on the street, waiting for me to stop.