And the dog. The kids are snoozing. It was the marathon weekend of cleaning for them. Before they head out with my Mom for shopping for school clothes and head out for a month with their Dad I make them clean their rooms top to bottom. Old clothes go to the Good Will. Papers from last September’s homework assignment get recycled. Only to be replaced by new papers in the new school year, but hey…. Broken junk gets thrown out or mended. It’s a precursor to being able to see their beds and the floors of their room for almost 6 straight weeks. Ahh the inscrutable joys of single motherhood.

Shopping for school clothes with my Mom alieviates that age old problem of friction between mother and child over what to wear. My mother’s tastes run to the more traditional. My youngest has the tastes of a punk rocker. She would buy all black and wear it 24/7/365 if it were up to her. My mom can get away with things that I can’t when guiding my delightful children to good wardrobe choices.

Of course I have to temper that statement with the fact that we went shopping for shorts this weekend and we did all right. I guess I feel entitled to abdicate some of my motherly duties.

Well I went food shopping at the Farmer’s Market this weekend. While I did score some lovely produce, I ended up spending more money than I would have by shopping at the local natural foods market. Grrr. This sustainable thing isn’t going to be so easy after all. Especially if I don’t want to throw a pile of money at it.