Now that the play is over, and life is slowing back down, I’ve got some time to do the things I want to do. Like reading the Sunday paper in one sitting (no, really, the kids were sleeping). Wearing my bathrobe till 11:00 am. OK it was noon, but I was too embarrassed to admit it at first. Working in the yard? You betcha. Baking? Uh huh that too. Going to the farmer’s market? God yes I am a slut for fun.

I know that no one else would think that was a great weekend, but days that are sunny AND warm out here in the Pacific NW are not all that common. I used to have the attitude that one shouldn’t venture out in the rain. One might get wet. I grew up in California and my mother had this rain/getting wet phobia. Don’t go out! You’ll get WET. Geez I’m pre-shrunk and there is gear to keep you dry. I like to tell everyone I know who isn’t a PNW’er to come on out, the weather is fine. If we only went out when it wasn’t raining we would never go out.

Anyways, it was a lazy (slept till 6:30) and decadent (home made Potato Gnocchi with Pancetta Sage cream sauce) weekend. I also got a cute card and gift from my darlin childrens. The only thing better would have been if I could have finished knitting the hat I am making to give to the Compassionate Knitting project.

Well as I’ve been told many times, you can’t have everything. I just want to know why not?