I have lovely accomplished children. Exemplary children. Children who turn into spoiled brats at the drop of a hat. That’s a little harsh I think. I’m planning a sweet 16 party for my oldest child and it’s turning out to be a little more trouble than I had bargained for. Let me just say that rarely have I planned a party for this many people. For my 50th we are heading out as a family for two weeks precisely because I don’t plan parties very well. I’m singularly UNgifted in that area. Not at all Martha Stewart.

I’m only mildly suicidal about this. I want this to be a hugely successful event for her because it’s her special day. I’m feeling that it almost certainly will not meet her expectations no matter what I do. If someone was actually reading this blog, which I’m sure they aren’t, I would ask for suggestions. But this is my little self indulgent corner of the world. The corner I asked for, with no-one peeking over my shoulder suggesting how to do it better.

Shouldn’t my Mommy senses be tingling right now. Telling me how to plan the perfect party for peanuts? I’m too tired to know which end is up. Left to me we’d have take and bake pizza with a few of her closest friends. She wants me to rent a movie theater for 40 people. Sigh!

I’m sure it will settle out eventually… More to come.