The parakeet has recovered. Aside from the tail feathers, which now look like they belong to a swallow. I’ve managed to find things she will eat but I have to hold her tail to keep her around the food long enough to ingest it. This is a far cry from the first attempts where she squawked and flapped and the food had to be held to her beak. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to continue feeding her the stuff she needs if it was always going to be a fight to the death. The bird honestly does not have that many feathers. At the rate she was losing them, I thought she was going to be bald.

I had my month check up for the Mohs surgery. I can look in the mirror and not cry every time I look at the scar. I had an opportunity to talk to the Doctor face to face. His original plan never included a vertical suture tucked into the naso-labial fold as my sweetie and I thought we had understood. It was going to be a check mark shape. I ended up with a horizontal suture which shocked the heck out of me when I saw it for the first time. 12 stitches, which when swollen looked a lot bigger than it does now. It’s tough for me. I’m not a beautiful woman. but my skin had always been one of my assets. I think a large part of the trouble was magical thinking on my part. I had pretty much convinced myself that I wouldn’t have a scar or stitches. All research to the contrary. A lesson in reality. SO, I guess this is the equivalent of my tail feathers. I look good if you ignore them.